Srjna helps schools set up and manage Innovation Labs and Tinkering Labs

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Srjna makes it super easy and cost-effective for schools to set up ‘Learning by Doing’ programs.

Instead of running around to find things to put and do in their ‘Learning by Doing’ programs, Srjna provides them all the equipment, kits, content and software to run their Innovation & Tinkering Labs.

Srjna's aspiration is to be the dominant Tinkering & Innovation Labs brand among the 1.5 million schools in India

Srjna literally offers schools a ‘Lab in a Box’

School can set it up and get started with no special training

Srjna has productized their offering to enable them to scale. The tools, content and processes have been tested, refined and now ready to roll out nationally.

  • Carefully curated and designed kits from readily available spares
  • Standardized product manuals, worksheets and online & offline assessment tools.

  • Methodologies and workbooks for teachers to help them provide better conceptual learning to students

  • Thoughtfully created methodologies that help students get a scientific & experimentational temperament

  • Supported this with a multi-parameter assessment tool that assesses a student on attention, memory, logic, quant and situation.

Simple business model and pricing.

Healthy Unit economics

  • The Innovation Lab and Tinkering Lab kits are priced at Rs.5 lacs each
  • There is also a ‘starter pack’ at Rs.1 lac for schools that want to test the program, or for schools that cannot afford Rs.5 lacs
  • Each program has an annual subscription fee of Rs. 2 lacs which gives them upgrades in tools, equipment and content

Apart from the convenience of getting it all together, and the comprehensiveness of the offering, schools recognize that it will probably cost them more to put this up themselves. And they may not even be able to manage half as well as what Srjna offers.

Encouraging traction and progress since launch​

  • Started in April 2015 and started selling to schools since November, 2015
  • Currently 45+ schools have implemented our labs
  • Parents, students and teachers feedback is extremely encouraging
  • Manufacturing partnerships in place
  • Excellent methodology & team for  on-going R&D and supporting content creation
  • Cash positive since April 2017
  • (Further capital required only to accelerate pace of growth)
  • Had raised Rs.51 lacs via RAIN (Rs.41 lacs) and family & friends

Srjna spent the initial phase in developing, testing and refining the product. They now have the product, processes and content across India.

Target market and go-to-market plans

  • Primary Target  > Rs.20,000 per annum Fee (Over 15000+ such schools across India)
  • Secondary Market > Rs.10,000 – Rs.20,000 per annum Fee (Over 100,000 such schools across India)
    • It must be noted that parents in such schools too want ‘modern learning’ for their children and are willing to invest
  • Government schools and schools addressing bottom-of-the-pyramid classes is a large market, but a range of challenges exist in addressing this market. (They may consider this later, if appropriate.)
  • While Srjna is currently selling themselves to get a first-hand view of the market, the plan is to appoint distributors and existing channels who sell to schools.

Competitive advantage

A comprehensive, productized offering of ‘Lab in a Box’ gives us a significant, defensible competitive advantage

  • Players like Educomp, Teacher Next and ExtraMarks who sand for ‘new-age learning’ have largely content + platform.  None have the competence or focus of providing hardware. In fact, brands like Educomp can be effective channel partners for us.
  • Brands like Xseed and Educational Initiatives have opted to be premium-priced offerings, and hence behave more like services company rather than a product company like us.
  • There are a number of local and semi-regional players like Bibox and Curiosity who have hardware tools. However, just this does not solve the problem for schools. Schools want a ‘all in one’ solution – tools + kits + content + teacher training + assessment + worksheets + online platform – which we offer.


Cofounded by 4 friends with previous entrepreneurial and professional experience

Kapil Arya

  • Completed is Duel Degree (M.Tech & B.Tech.) from IIT Delhi
  • Kapil is on the Advisory board of several schools and leads the R&D division  at SRJNA

Vivek Pathak

  • Awarded among top 3  entrepreneurs at  LIF, London (UK)
  • Computer Science graduate , PGP from XLRI Jamshedpur. And 6.5 years of previous work-experience

Om Prakash

  • After his graduation from IIT Delhi, he is handing overall sales & operations
  • Awarded among top entrepreneurs by Intel, DST  GoI

Sharad Bansal

  • B.Tech from IIT Delhi
  • Awarded among top 20 entrepreneurs by Intel, DST GoI Top 6 innovators by IIT Delhi Alumni Association

Funding needs and use of funds

Srjna is raising Rs.2.5 cr in this round.

This will take them to 500 schools as customers by Dec 2019, with revenues of ~ Rs.10cr.

Srjna will get to operational profitability by June 2019.

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Click here to request the pitch deck.

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