ScooNews - a media platform for the education sector – print, online, online TV and events.

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Early-growth stage venture with proven media assets, experienced team, tech platform and content curation and creation capabilities.

ScooNews wants to be for the education sector what YourStory is for the entrepreneurship sector

Problem statement

Given the changing dynamics in the education sector, including disruption in learning needs, teaching methodologies & concepts, technology and platforms, stakeholders in the education sector are struggling to get a comprehensive view of the changes and disruption relevant to the education sector.

There really is no single platform which has education-sector focused content across different media platforms.

That's where ScooNews comes in

ScooNews was created to make education sector stake-holders better aware of changes in the sector.

ScooNews is present across mediums and formats - print, online, online TV (currently on YouTube. Independent online TV channel launch planned for July 2018) and events - all focused on the education sector.

Value proposition: Stay on top of the game with quality perspectives, content & best practices from across the globe.

What gives ScooNews a good shot at becoming a dominant education sector media brand. Globally.

  • Timing is right - Education sector needs a complete rethink – educators are aware of that and they know that they need to be proactive – hence receptive
  • Online + Offline learning models and new concepts in learning have global relevance
  • Global content curation, crowd-sourcing and creation is cost-effectively possible via CMS on our online platforms + online TV platforms

I.e. ScooNews has the opportunity, the team and the platforms to become a dominant education sector media brand globally

Business model and revenue streams

Current revenue streams

  • Print and Online TV – subscriptions and advertisements
  • Events – sponsorships, expo and delegate fee

Future revenue possibilities

  • Possibility to become the gatekeeper for products and services to the education sector
  • Create sub-segments like – School Infrastructure, School Services, etc. - Think of NDTV Gadgets, NDTV Auto, etc.


Education World, Digital Learning and Brainfeed are some print-only competitors - ScooNews differentiator of a multi-media platform offers stronger value proposition and better engagement opportunities.

Edutopia (USA), TES (UK), EdSurge (USA) are some notable global education-focused online media platforms. However, they do not have India focused content, and focused on the Western concepts of education. Some of them (E.g. EdSurge) also focus on EdTech rather than being a provider of information and perspectives, which is what ScooNews focuses on.

Team with industry experience

Education sector stalwarts as engaged advisors

Ravi Santiani - Founder and CEO

16 years of experience in international sales and strategy and well connected to prominent educators, thought leaders and functionaries in the education sector.

Vinay Singh - VP Product

21 years’ experience in sales, training, customer service, and project management. Certified PMP and holds an MBA in Information Systems Management.

Mentors and Advisors

Dr Swati Popat Vats
President, Podar Education Network & President- Early Childhood Association India

Meenakshi Uberoi
Education Evangelist, Microsoft Innovative Educator Trainer and founder, De Pedagogics

Anand Kumar
Founder, Super 30 programme

Dr Neeta Bali
Director - Principal and Head of School at G D Goenka World School, Noida

Nishi Misra
Principal, Scindia Kanya Vidyalaya, Gwalior

Geeta Dharmarajan
Founder & President, Katha

Current status and traction (As on 12th Feb, 2018)

  • 19 issues published so far, 3100 stories available  online for educators.
  • 0.5 mn people engaged pm on offline and online platforms
  • 10k schools and 100k teachers connected
  • Conducted 2 events - all events cash positive - 2 more big-format events lined up for April and August 2018
  • ScooNews TV schedule for launch by July, 18
  • Click here to request the detailed financials and pitch deck.

Growth plans

ScooNews is on track to get to 3,000 paid subscribers by Dec 2018.

By end of 2019, ScooNews aims to have over 10,000 subscribers, with a registered user base of 300,000 education sector stakeholders and a MRR or Rs.75 lacs - Rs.1 cr a month.


In 2018, ScooNews also plans to strengthen the tech platform with the objective of ensuring better engagement of education sector stake holders. This platform with a two-way communication channel will also open up possibilities of additional revenue streams as a media platform.

Post 2019, the plan is to expand the media properties and initiate international expansion. This will also help them get more international perspectives in the content.

Fund raising

ScooNews was bootstrapped by the founders, including personal loans . Subsequently, they have previously closed a round of funding with HNIs as angel investors.

ScooNews is raising follow-on capital of Rs.2.5 cr. This will last 18-24 month, taking the venture to meet growth plans till 2019. This round of funding will also take the company to self-sustainability, with additional funding required only to accelerate the pace of growth, and to target international markets.

Request their investor pitch deck

Click here to request the pitch deck.

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