myly: A School Mobile App & ERP system creating a collaborative Community of Schools, Teachers, Students & Parents

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About myly

  • Schools sign-up to use myly School Mobile App & ERP and bring all teachers, students and their parents on board.
  • Teachers, students and parents use myly App and web platform to exchange all information about school activities.
  • We monetize by selling personalized, curated products and services to students/parents and schools.

Business strategy and road map

  • 100% of our current revenues are from selling the School Mobile App & ERP system, and parent communication platform to schools (Our product is awesome)
    • This also helps us build the community of parents, students and teachers.
  • By 2020, once there is a reasonably large base to monetize by being a gate keeper, we introduce the marketplace model (We expect to be in 2000+ schools with 3-4mn parents connected by end of 2019)

How myly was able to crack the school market

myly web-platform is the most comprehensive school ERP product in the market.

Moreover, we always win when schools compare products because myly is incredibly easy to use and adapt.

We spent our initial 2 years in refining the product.

We spent the last 15 months in refining the sales process and now have a model that is cost-efficient and scalable.

Market potential

While the education market in India is large (over 120,000 schools with fees upwards of Rs.10k pa), myly is addressing a much larger market opportunity as a channel for selling relevant services and products and finance for these products to schools and parents.

  • E.g. Commission on being a channel for infrastructure for schools (e.g. furniture, air-conditioning for schools, and finance for the same)
  • E.g. commission on being the channel for selling services like tutoring and after-school programs, and products like computers, etc. for students

Future plans to further strengthen business case

With schools, teachers, students and parents exchanging information everyday about

classes, subjects, topics, marks, books, exams, results, attendance, activities, achievements, etc. myly knows everything to pitch personalized learning product or service to each student and the school..

That’s where the next phase of monetization comes in

Team with significant sales, operations and tech experience.

Gaurav Mundra - co-founder

  • BE (IT), MBA (Mkt)
  • 14+ yrs; Truworth, TCS
  • Strategy, Mkt, Ops
  • COO in 2 startups; - scaled to 600+

Madhup Bansal - co-founder

  • BE (Mech), MBA (Mkt)
  • 14+ yrs; Mahindra, Kritikal, McKinsey
  • Strategy, Product, Fin
  • VP Ops & Mktg. in IIT-D startup

Khushant Dhingra - AVP Technology

  • MCA
  • 12+ yrs; Q3, Truworth, KDK
  • Tech
  • Enterprise Architecture Design

Current status and growth plans

270+ schools as paying client.s - adding 30+ schools pm

20+ Franchise Partners on-boarded for sales beyond in-house team

Funding needs

myly is raising Rs.2.5 cr to accelerate the pace of growth.

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