MrNMrs Pet - A curated marketplace for buying and managing pets

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MrnMrsPet is an early-stage venture, currently with 30 curated breeders (in Jaipur) that help them provide certificate of lineage and pedigree to families buying pets.

They also have a verified list of 70+ service providers to ensure convenience as well as quality of products & services.

Problem statement

Pet Lover

  • First time pet owners have a hard time finding reliable breeders for healthy pets.
  • Local pet shops try to sell what they have, not what the customer desires
  • Often the pets at local shops are unhealthy or sick


Breeders/ Service Providers

They don’t have direct connectivity with their potential customers; also they lose many of their customers due their weak communication skills

That's where Mr N Mrs Pet come in

They have carefully curated high-quality breedersto ensure that pet lovers get healthy pets of the breed they desire.

Every pet booked through them has to go with a mandatory health check up by a Recognised Vet.

They also provide owners certificate of lineage to assure that the pet is pure breed.

Additionally, their marketplace of verified service providers makes it easier for pet owners to manage their pets. While finding regular products like pet-food is easy and available locally, pet owners struggle to find services like trainers, kennels, boarding, vets, etc.

Breeders/ Service Providers

They have created a market place where breeder can list their pets and can create direct reach with their potential customer, where Mr n Mrs Pet will be there to handle their customers.

Service Providers can also create their profile and directly get access to pet lovers.

Services on the platform

  • Breeders
  • Dog walkers
  • Pet trainers
  • Pet hostels
  • Grooming
  • Vets
  • Bloggers and pet content

Market size

While pets is a niche category, pet owners are a deeply-involved segment. For them, pet ownership is like parenting.

The Indian pet and pet services market is worth Rs.8,000 cr and growing at 20%..

Mr N Mrs Pet sees an opportunity to create a much larger market by making it easier for many more families to get and maintain a pet.

Their model makes it possible for them to aspire to be a dominant brand for pet parents globally.

Creating a community of pet-parents, supported by breeders and service providers represents a large market opportunity.

Business model and unit economics

Currently commission on pets sold forms a large part of their revenues.

However, as the community and user base increases, subscriptions, listings, affiliate revenue, and sponsorships will be additional revenue lines.

Average cost of a pet is Rs.12,000 and we make Rs.3000 per sale.

A pet family typically spends between Rs.30,000 – Rs.50,000 per year on products and services. Our goal is to get maximum share of these spends.

Competition and competitive advantage

Competition is largely two broad categories:

Local pet shops and vets: Mr N Mrs Pet have a significantly superior value proposition in terms of assurance of quality, reliability and convenience

Online platforms selling pet products and services: Most are listing services. Mr N Mrs Pet differentiator and focus is on being a service platform that makes it easier for people to buy and manage pets. I.e. a community approach versus just a marketplace.


  • Tested the model in Jaipur – curated 30 breeders and 70 service providers
  • Cumulative revenue of Rs.12 lacs
  • 80+ pets sold – happy customers

Go to market

Coming 6 Months

Will be focusing on:

  • Building network of Breeders and Service Providers
  • Brand recognisation
  • Achieving Break even
  • Tie up with Government Bodies
  • Expansion in Jaipur and Delhi NCR

Next 12 Months

  • Expansion in Metro Cities
  • Strong Team building
  • Becoming Profitable
  • Building strong technology
  • Introducing loyalty programs for Customers and Service Providers
  • Fund Raising (Round 2)
  • Reaching a turnover of INR 4 Cr.


Ashish Chhanwal - Founder and CEO

  • A die hard pet lover and a 10 years of pet Parenting experience
  • Experience of 3 years in Pet Industry

Ankita Singh – Co-founder and CMO

  • A  die hard pet lover and a 10 years of pet Parenting experience
  • Law graduate

Vinod Shrama – CTO

5 years of coding experience


Prajakt Raut -

  • Founder Applyifi and Founding Partner, The Growth Labs and author of 'Starting Up & Fund Raising"
  • Prajakt was the Head of Operations at Indian Angel Network, the Asia-Director for TiE and has mentored various startups

Amit Purohit - KPMG India

  • Experienced Promoter with a demonstrated history of working in the management consulting industry. 
  • Strong professional skilled in Management, Business Process Improvement, Partnerships, Strategy, and Communication

Aashna Kaur – Sr. Project Consultant - Government Transaction Advisory at EY

  • 4 years of experience in strategy building, business operations, and content management

U.L. Chhanwal – IPS officer

  • Strong knowledge base of different sectors and financial advisor

Funding needs

Mr N Mrs Pet is raising Rs.50 lacs to consolidate their position in Jaipur, and refine the processes and build the foundation for expansing to 3-4 cities in Rajasthan.

This will get them into a strong position to build a foundation for scale.

Request their investor pitch deck

Click here to request the pitch deck.

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