BluPrints: A woman-entrepreneur led embedded products company with a range of software intensive B2B thermal printers

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Producing a Range of 20 Intelligent B2B Hardware Devices, servicing 400 customers across 7 Market Vertical.s

BluPrints hardware platforms are software and design intensive products, that are shaped into usable affordable, rugged and ‘relevant’ solutions, customized for different market segments, applications and price-points. This is a strong value proposition for the market, as there was little option for businesses and governments to get products customized to their needs. Large, global market leaders in this space had neither the ability nor the willingness to customize for smaller orders, and offered standard off-the-shelf products.

Competitive advantage

In the market for smart mobile printers there were either off-the-shelf (i.e. non-customizable), expensive printers from global brands or much cheaper Chinese imports of very poor quality.

Bluprints recognized that there is a market for printer solutions that are customized to specific market needs. BluPrints capitalized on this opportunity. The lower pricing due to design and manufacturing efficiencies is an added sweetener for customers.

It is not just about pricing the products lower, BluPrints design and manufacturing processes give it a 3x cost-advantage over competition. BluPrints focuses on in-house design and R&D of its products creating own motherboards, instead of importing them, which helps them reduce the cost of manufacturing these devices. As a result, BluPrints has a significant cost-advantage over market leaders.

Business model

BluPrints services large, enterprise customers via a direct sales model, while they have distributor partnerships who service smaller customers like path labs and retail outlets who need smaller quantity.

Currently large enterprises comprise 60% of the BluPrints business.

Current status and traction

BluPrints' range now comprises of 20 intelligent B2B smart hardware devices that are being used across 7 market verticals.

BluPrints has a strong in-house R&D and production setup with a unique capability of constructing ‘relevant solutions’.


BluPrints has served over 400 clients across 7 verticals, with marquee clients including ICICI Bank, AU Bank, Domono's Pizza, Paper Boat, Nestle, Patanjali, Telegu Desam Party, Maruti Suzuki, etc.

BluPrints has done some very interesting projects:

  • Facilitated smart parking at 2016 Kumbh Mela and Krishna Pushkaralu Festival 2016
  • Helped reorganize the traffic challan generation process for RTOs across Uttar Pradesh
  • Assisting doctors generate mobile-based prescriptions in Aam Aadmi Mohalla Clinics
  • Enabling efficient Aadhar enrolments
  • Revamping collection processes for Banks/NBFC
  • Helped the Telugu Desam Party with the enrolment of 60 lakh party members in 50 days
  • Automated sales distribution and billing for Nestle and Paper Boat's distributors
  • Assisted Maruti Suzuki in revamping its membership loyalty program
  • Enabled DISCOMS to generate revenue worth crores through electricity spot billing across Bihar, Orissa, Uttar Pradesh, and Madhya Pradesh
  • Helped improve customer experience at the billing counters of Dominos’ Pizza outlets by busting long customer queues


BluPrints is founded by Kavita Aggarwal, an Electronics graduate from the University of Delhi and a MCA from IMT Ghaziabad. Kavita has an MBA from University of Leeds (UK), where she was awarded Student of the Year scholarship.

She has core R&D Experience in Embedded Systems in Building ATC for IAF.

BluPrints has a lean team of 16, including 4 in R&D, 3 in sales & marketing, 1 in tech support, 5 in manufacturing, 1 in logistics and 2 in repairs.

Market potential and growth plans

In India itself, there is a market for over 20 million hand-held smart devices across sectors. And the market is growing rapidly as mobility becomes a way of working for companies.

This demand is across sectors and use cases like utilities billing, parking, retail POS, hospitality/food, FMCG logistics, logistics, and financial services.

In the next 5 years, BluPrints aims to achieve a turnover of Rs.200 crores, and has a strong sales plan to support the growth.

Fund raising

BluPrints is currently bootstrapped, and is raising Rs.15 cr to fund the expansion plans.

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Click here to request the pitch deck.

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