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Thank you for visiting Applyifi.com. Your use of this website is governed by the terms and conditions mentioned in this document. The management reserves the right to change, modify, include or delete any of the terms.

Applyifi.com® is a private platform for startups to crate their profiles, which is accessible to multiple investors mentors or accelerators/incubators. On a selective basis, Applyifi may create a detailed scorecard for the startup. For this, the Applyifi team may call or meet the startup. The scorecard given by the
startup will be a subjective perspective of the Applyifi team, and the startup may or may not agree with the scoring. If a startup gets a scorecard, it will be available for registered investors mentors or accelerators/incubators to review, even if the startup does not agree with the scorecard. The startup however has the option of not displaying the profile and the scorecard, and in if the entrepreneur so chooses, the profile will not be displayed.

For investors, accelerators and incubators, Applyifi reviews applications and provides a scorecard. Users of this website may register as “startups”, “investors”, “accelerators”, “incubators”, or “mentors”.

 Startups are entrepreneurs seeking to apply for assistance, funding, or mentorship.

 All startups that create profiles on this website are responsible for presenting honest and accurate

information – Applyifi will not be held accountable for any false representations made by startup owners.

 Investors, accelerators, incubators, and mentors are individuals or organizations seeking to provide support or investment to startups registered on this site.

 All investors, accelerators, incubators, and mentors are responsible for presenting honest and accurate information and are required to fill in the

Applyifi registration form and receive approval from the Applyifi administrator before gaining access to the site.

Use of Applyifi does not in any way promise assurance of any type of investment, mentorship, or acceptance into accelerator or incubator programs of any nature.

Applyifi is not obligated to introduce startups to any investors, accelerators, incubators, or mentors.

Applyifi is not responsible for doing diligence on the parties users meet through Applyifi – users are.

Applyifi is not responsible for verifying that that any potential investor is accredited or otherwise authorized or appropriate to invest in startups – the startups are.

The Applyifi scorecard is a subjective independent analysis of the strength of a startup’s business case, as perceived by the Applyifi team. Applyifi is an independent actor and will not make any investments in any of the startups registered on the site. This scorecard is merely our take on the business based on the information presented by the startups.

Applyifi is in no way accountable for any false information provided in the startup profiles, or for any issues pertaining to or resulting from investments.

Any investments resulting from the Applyifi platform are made at the sole discretion of the investor and startup and we recommend that both parties seek
independent advice and research before making decisions.

Applyifi does not promise to maintain the confidentiality of information users disclose to other users on our site. All parties acknowledge that Applyifi is a private platform and information contained within is directly available only to registered users. Startups acknowledge that the information presented in their
profiles will be accessible by all investors, accelerators, incubators, and mentors registered on Applyifi – but not to other startups. Likewise, investors, accelerators, incubators, and mentors acknowledge that their profiles will be visible to all registered users (however users will not be able to communicate
directly with them without their consent).

By using this website all users agree to the terms listed herein.

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  • How does the Fund Raising Assistance Program work?

    Step 1 : We sharpen your business plan and investor pitch deck

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    • The Applyifi scorecard and assessment report is free
    • For the Fund Raising Assistance Program we charge a commitment fee, and 2.5% of the funds raised by us for your venture
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  • Prajakt Raut - Co-founder Applyifi

    Prajakt is an entrepreneurship evangelist.

    His personal goal in life is to encourage and assist a 100,000 people to become entrepreneurs.​

    Previously head of operations of the Indian Angel Network, a founding team member of a leading accelerator, co-founder of Orange Cross, and Asia Director for TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs).


    Founding partner of The Growth Labs [www.thegrowthlabs.in]


    Well connected and respected in the entrepreneurial eco-system in India. He writes extensively on Quora and blogs on www.thehubforstartups.com.


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    A guide book by Applyifi founder Prajakt Raut

    for startups to get better prepared for business and fund raising



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